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Preventing implementation from being overwhelmed by planning: Solomon Islands health

We are staff working in the health sector in Solomon Islands. We are concerned that the amount of time planning and attending donor-led workshops can overwhelm the implementation of national priorities. We are frequently required on short notice to attend planning meetings and development partner...

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Will ScoMo’s Pacific step up be an aid budget step back?

Scott Morrison has broken his Prime Ministerial silence on aid this week, in an ‘exclusive’ interview with the Daily Telegraph and a significant speech on the Pacific. On Wednesday, Morrison spoke to the Tele’s Sharri Markson about his vision for the aid program, which is decidedly anti...

Pacific and PNG Pacific human development

Navigating feminism and amplifying women’s voices in Vanuatu: in conversation with Yasmine Bjornum

During a recent trip to Vanuatu, Tess met with Yasmine Bjornum, who is an activist for women’s rights and empowerment in her country. Listen to a podcast of their conversation, read the edited transcript, or read on for highlights of their discussion… I began by asking Yasmine to tell me...