Political animals: the qualities of successful aid policy entrepreneurs

Written by Hanna Selesele

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Why do states redirect their aid policy? And what factors are most important in driving such change? Part of the reason we are not able to answer these questions satisfactorily is because to the role of individual political leaders play in aid policy change has received very little attention.

This seminar presents the findings of research conducted with Dr Joanna Spratt (Oxfam New Zealand and ANU Development Policy Centre) which addresses this oversight by applying the concept of policy entrepreneurs to the issue area of aid policy.

Dr Benjamin S. Day is an Associate Lecturer in the Department of International Relations, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs at The Australian National University. His current research focuses on understanding the decision-making dynamics that operate in foreign aid.

Hanna Selesele

Hanna Selesele is a Program Officer at the Development Policy Centre. She is currently completing a double degree in a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Pacific Studies at the ANU.