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 AAC livestreaming

If you’ve missed out on registering for the 2017 Australasian Aid Conference, don’t fret: we will be livestreaming all plenary sessions from the event, as well as all parallel sessions in the Molonglo Theatre. You can access the livestream here, and find the conference program here. If you are coming to the conference, please note that this year we will be publishing speakers’ abstracts online only. Come early to get a seat in the Molonglo Theatre at the Wednesday morning opening, or be prepared to sit in the overflow lecture theatre. And don’t forget we start Tuesday afternoon, with the launch of the 2017 World Development Report at 5pm.

What Trump did next

What are the implications for foreign aid and global development of the Trump administration? In recent weeks, coverage of the Trump executive order on immigration has dominated global press reports, and, in a recent Lowy article, Henry Sherrell provides an Australian perspective. In a blog post, Ashlee Betteridge and Camilla Burkot worry Australia might return to earlier Trump-like aid reproductive health policies. Finally, Robin Davies predicts that US funding for major UN agencies could disappear under Trump.

Measuring Australia’s foreign aid generosity, from Menzies to Turnbull

In a new policy brief, blog and Conversation article, Robin Davies reviews Australia’s aid generosity from the early 1960s to the present. He finds that OECD historical aid statistics, often cited by Australian commentators, are unreliable up to about the mid-1990s. Even with the historical record corrected, however, the decline in Australia’s generosity over time remains stark. Australia’s per capita GNI has more than doubled in real terms since the early 1960s, while Australia’s ODA/GNI ratio has fallen by more than half.

Upcoming events

World Development Report 2017: Governance and the Law

5 – 6.30pm, Tuesday 14 February, Molonglo Theatre, Crawford School, ANU. Details here.

Australasian Aid Conference 2017

14 – 16 February, Crawford School, ANU. Event details here.

Blog highlights

Australia’s development contractors: not philanthropic enough?

A new approach to supporting women in politics

Why PNG sends so few seasonal workers

Latest podcasts

Rupert Simons, CEO of global campaign for aid transparency Publish What You Fund, will be speaking at next week’s AAC. Listen to his interview here.

On the blog

Advance Australia unfair by Emma Larking

How can we tackle abuse in the global garment industry? By Alice Evans

What future for PNG economics students? Findings from a graduate exit survey by Michael Cornish and Methuselah Wabiria

Australia’s contractors in international philanthropy: missing in action? By Rod Reeve

Improving the electoral chances of Melanesian women: an evidence-based approach by Julien Barbara and Kerryn Baker

Measuring Australia’s foreign aid generosity, from Menzies to Turnbull by Robin Davies

How recruitment and selection can shape seasonal work programs: comparing Fiji and Papua New Guinea by Henry Sherrell and Richard Curtain

Global Gag Plus, family planning and Australian aid by Ashlee Betteridge and Camilla Burkot

Does PNG rank highly for Internet porn searches? By Amanda H A Watson

Trump’s new deal for international organizations: 40% off by Robin Davies

 In brief

Fortnightly links: aid and democracy, empowering women, South Sudan, and more

Vale Hans Rosling

2017 Australasian Aid Conference Livestream

Practice parliament session for PNG women: applications now open

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